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Rise Financial is in the business of providing financial advice to those who are prepared to take financial control and we offer a range of services designed to provide the right advice at the right time.

Rise Financial typically provides financial advice using the following 4 step process, with each step taken only as needed:

Financial Check Up / Consultation /
Salary Packaging Advice

  • To help you understand 'Where You Are' financially.
  • This service allows us to look at your overall financial situation, to help you understand what you currently have, what you are currently doing, and articulate what your financial goals are for the future.
  • This service is a general advice discussion with no strategy or products recommended.
  • Our experience is that for many people this service is all they need to have a greater understanding of, and confidence with, their financial position.
  • Where salary packaging advice is needed, we will help you understand whether salary packaging particular expenses would be beneficial in your situation, and we will “sign off” where necessary to show that you have obtained salary packaging advice.
  • A written summary is provided where advice on salary packaging a fully maintained car is sought.

Optional Extra – Financial Projection – Additional Cost $165 (inc. GST)

  • To help you understand 'Where You Are Going' financially.
  • This service is to help you understand what your financial future looks like and whether you are on track to achieving your financial objectives, knowing that all components of your financial situation are considered including income, expenses, assets, debts, aged pension entitlements etc., using reasonable assumptions.
  • An email summary is provided explaining the key inputs, assumptions and projected outcome results.

Cost $330 (inc. GST)

Strategic Financial Plan

  • To help you understand 'Where You Could Go'.
  • If we determine that you would benefit from understanding where you are heading financially and how to improve on the outcome, then we can prepare a written Strategic Financial Plan for you.
  • This service allows us to explore the many financial strategies that may be available to you and help determine which are projected to benefit you in your specific circumstances.
  • We also conduct an insurance analysis and estate planning review, to help you understand other risks you may be exposed to, and can protect against, that may prevent you from achieving your financial objectives.
  • We also then show you the projected outcome should we prepare a Statement Of Advice and you join our Wealth Management Service for access to financial advice and investment management on an ongoing basis.
  • This approach allows us to give you all the reasons to improve your expected financial outcome.

Cost $2,640 (inc. GST)

Statement Of Advice

  • To help you understand 'How To Get There'.
  • Should you decide that it would be beneficial to you to work with us on an ongoing basis and have us implement investments for you, then we would prepare a written Statement Of Advice.
  • This service would allow us to set a preferred strategic direction for you including providing specific strategy and investment recommendations.
  • We would implement any recommended financial products at this stage at a cost of $330 per policy for managed fund investments, superannuation funds, personal insurance policies or margin loans.

Cost $1,650 (inc. GST)

Wealth Management Service (Annual Opt-In)

  • To allow us to 'Take You There'.
  • This is a comprehensive ongoing service designed to give you peace of mind that you have financial control and are on track to achieving our financial objectives.
  • Where you decide that you would benefit from having an ongoing relationship with a trusted financial adviser then this service allows us to provide ongoing strategy and investment advice.
  • Where we implement an investment for you, any commission that would have been payable is returned to you as additional investment units.
  • Where we implement a loan for you (such as a margin loan), any commission that would have been payable is returned to you as a lower interest rate on your loan.
  • Where we implement a personal insurance policy for you, any commission that would have been payable is returned to you as a lower premium.
  • An annual written Statement of Advice is provided after our annual review meeting, showing your current expected financial outcome and providing specific strategy and investment recommendations to fine tune your plan.

Annual Cost $3,300 (inc. GST)


  • The above fees may increase for more complicated situations or where greater advice risk is involved.

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