One of the best things Rise Financial can assist you with is understanding what your financial future looks like. We do this by taking all the components of your financial situation, and graphically present this to you, so you can be “put in the picture” of what your financial situation means. We believe this is an extremely useful tool for individuals to have financial control, so that you can confidently know whether you are on track to achieving the income in retirement you desire, know when you will have your mortgage paid off, know whether you can afford to buy that new car, take that holiday or put in that pool, and importantly, know when you should comfortably be able to retire. With this information, you should be able to comfortably go to sleep at night knowing that you will RISE FINANCIAL in the morning.

When allowing for a number of assumptions including inflation, investment return, tax rates, interest rates
and aged pension entitlements as we know them today, we can model almost any situation, tax accurately.
A projection can include components such as:

  • An individual or couple, each with different retirement dates,
  • Existing salary and wage income,
  • Superannuation or Comsuper pension income,
  • Cashflow surpluses or deficits,
  • Superannuation entitlements and contributions including superannuation guarantee, salary sacrifice,
    self employed and personal,
  • Personal investments including savings plans,
  • Investment properties,
  • Lump sum expenditures before retirement or during retirement,
  • Personal debts and mortgages, and
  • Entitlements to any aged pension.

An example is below:

Rise Financial understands that not everyone needs the same information, and everyone’s situation is different. As such, Rise Financial has a number of financial planning services to assist people in gaining financial control. With most people not understanding where they are heading financially, then a Financial Projection can give people confidence to know whether they are on track to achieving a secure financial future. Where someone is not on track to achieving their objectives, or they would like to know whether they can improve their financial future, then a Strategic Financial Plan can allow Rise Financial to work out whether a more secure outcome can be achieved using the many financial planning strategies available.