Every month, Phil Thompson from Rise Financial presents a snapshot of the financial markets across Australia and across the globe.

Provided below are various snapshots, which will give you a feel for Rise Financial’s approach to financial planning.

July 2024
Going for Gold

June 2024
How to end the financial year on a high note

May 2024
What does the Federal Budget mean for me?

April 2024
New increased super contribution caps

March 2024
Understanding the NEW $3 million Superannuation Tax

February 2024
Investing mistakes to avoid

January 2024
2023 Year in review: Defying predictions

December 2023
How to give back

November 2023
Aged Care Challenges In The Home

October 2023
A positive property outlook for some

September 2023
Should I buy insurance through my super?

August 2023
How iron ore plays a big part in our economy

July 2023
Will these super changes affect you?

June 2023
Setting yourself up for success in the new financial year.

May 2023
Federal Budget 2023-24 Analysis.

April 2023
How do interest rates affect your investments?

March 2023
Flexing Your Retirement Plans

February 2023
8 Retirement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

January 2023
Inflation Dominated The Economic Landscape

December 2022
Sustainable Investing on the Rise

November 2022
Federal Budget 2022-23 Analysis

October 2022
Mortgage vs Super

September 2022
How Much Super Do I Need To Retire?

August 2022
Guide to Aged Care at Home

July 2022
A Super Window of Opportunity

June 2022
How to Manage Rising Interest Rates

May 2022
The Road Ahead for Shares

April 2022
Avoid the Rush: Get Ready for June 30

March 2022
Federal Budget 2022-23 Analysis

February 2022
Easing into Retirement

January 2022
2021 Year in Review

December 2021
Kicking Financial Goals in 2022

November 2021
A Helping Hand Onto the Property Ladder

October 2021
Responsible Investing on the Rise

September 2021
Aged Care Payment Options

August 2021
Investing Lessons from the Pandemic

July 2021
The new financial year rings in some super changes

June 2021
Counting down to June 30

May 2021
Federal Budget 2021-22 Analysis

April 2021
Bonds, Inflation and your Investments

March 2021
There’s More Than One Way To Boost Your Retirement Income

February 2021
Is An SMSF Right For You?

January 2021
2020 Year in Review

December 2020
What the US Election Means for Investors

November 2020
Making Your Savings Work Harder

October 2020
Federal Budget 2020-21 Analysis

September 2020
Getting Retirement Plans Back On Track

August 2020
Super Changes Add Flexibility

July 2020
The Housing Market: Shaken, Not Stirred

June 2020
Timing the Economic Reboot

May 2020
Keeping the Economy Moving

April 2020
Coronavirus Safety Net Expanded

March 2020
The Hunt for Dividend Income in 2020

February 2020
The Hunt for Dividend Income in 2020

January 2020
2019 Year in Review: A Year of Highs and Lows

December 2019
Our Retirement System: Good, But Room for Improvement

November 2019
Steering through choppy seas

October 2019
Building Wealth in Diversity

September 2019
Pensions to Rise as Deeming Rates Fall

August 2019
Is the Tide Turning on the Property Market?

July 2019
Making the Most of Falling Interest Rates

June 2019
Election 2019: A Vote for Continuity in an
Uncertain World

May 2019
How Much Super Is Enough?

April 2019
Federal Budget 2019-20 Analysis

March 2019
How to Keep Ahead of the Yield Curve

February 2019
Don’t Short-Change Your Medium-Term Goals

January 2019
2018 Year in Review

December 2018
Can You Afford Your Dream Retirement?

November 2018
Benefits of a Super Long Engagement

October 2018
Housing Prices Off The Boil

September 2018
Plugging in to Technology Stocks

August 2018
Making the Most of a Falling Aussie Dollar

July 2018
Have Oil Prices Peaked?

June 2018
Ready… Set… Are You Good To Go For The New Financial Year?

May 2018
Federal Budget 2018-19 Analysis

April 2018
It’s Time To Talk About Debt

March 2018
Home and Away with Super

February 2018
The Golden Rules of Investing

January 2018
2017 Year in Review: Fair Winds Guide Investment Returns

December 2017
Opportunities in the Cooling Property Market

November 2017
Lessons from the GFC 10 years on

September 2017
How to be prepared for climbing interest rates

August 2017
Home Ownership in the Spotlight

July 2017
Global Markets Navigate a Sea of Uncertainty

June 2017
Federal Budget 2017-18: Getting The Right Balance

May 2017
Federal Budget 2017-18: Getting The Right Balance

April 2017
Australia Still Punching Above It’s Weight

March 2017
Countdown To Super Deadline

February 2017
Beware of Pension Pressure

January 2017
A Global Sea Change

December 2016
How to Play the Trump Card

November 2016
Aged Care Changes and the Family Home

October 2016
Super Gets a Makeover, Again

September 2016
Home Care vs Residential – Options for Assisted Living

August 2016
Focus on Australia’s Credit Rating

July 2016
Australian Growth – Resilient In Tough Times

June 2016
Super Shake Up On the Way

May 2016
Federal Budget Analysis 2016 – 2017

April 2016
A New Era For Dividends

March 2016
Profiting from cheap oil

February 2016
2015 – A Year of Fire & Ice

January 2016
Cast your financial safety net

December 2015
How to handle a mortgage rate rise

November 2015
Win the investment race by navigating risk

October 2015
International trade barriers come tumbling down

September 2015
Shares down but not out

August 2015
Chinese dragon mauled by bears

July 2015
Are we in a housing bubble?

June 2015
Countdown to June 30

May 2015
Federal Budget 2015-2016 – Advance Australia Fair

April 2015
Australia: The Lucky Country

March 2015
Price pendulum swinging towards deflation

February 2015
2014 Year in review: A surprise package

January 2015
Resolutions for a wealthy future

December 2014
Plenty of upside in downward dollar

November 2014
Plan ahead for super pension changes

October 2014
Time to step up super contributions

September 2014
Oil price no longer hostage to war

August 2014
Homing in on aged care changes

July 2014
Financial Year 2013-2014 – Charting a steady course

June 2014
High-frequency trading on regulators’ radar

May 2014
Federal Budget 2014: ‘Pain with a purpose’

April 2014
Bitcoins: investment or mirage?

March 2014
Tapering the printing press

February 2014
2013 Year in Review: Many happy returns

January 2014
Retail to e-Tail – the changing landscape

December 2013
Tech boom – catching the second wave

November 2013
Seeking economic oracles

October 2013
Flight to safety exposes cracks in BRICS economies

September 2013
Low rates are a mixed blessing

August 2013
Dollar down and hopes of an economic boost rise

July 2013
Financial Year 2012-2013 – Australia’s changing economy

June 2013
Will new energy discoveries change the game?

May 2013
Budget 2013: Charting a middle course

April 2013
Weighing up the cost of not investing

March 2013
Responsible investing – more than buying green

February 2013
Australia on solid ground

January 2013
Getting Resolutions Write On Track

December 2012
The Chinese Dragon still feasting on metals

November 2012
Property – is it really a safe haven?

October 2012
Looking to the future

September 2012
Changing with the times

August 2012
The perils of short term trading

July 2012
Financial Year 2011-12 – Swings and roundabouts

June 2012
Is it Grexit, stage right?

May 2012
Striking a balance: Budget 2012

April 2012
Today’s cost of living: it’s a mixed bag

March 2012
Working out the future

February 2012
Australia: shaken but not stirred

January 2012
Cutting rates – a welcome relief?

December 2011
Hedging against uncertainty

November 2011
Investing today – getting the right mix

September 2011
Staying on track

August 2011
Holding on to our hats

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